Mission Statement

Society is a construct of our own thoughts and perceptions. And perhaps nothing is more deeply ingrained into this construct than the concept of gender.

We use gender categories to make sense of the world. When a baby is born, the first thing we want to know is the child’s gender. Gender allows us to determine people’s personalities, preferences and expected behavior before we even get to know to them. We can barely conceptualize or talk about people without first differentiating them by ‘he’ or ‘she’.

The limited construct of gender has marginalized women, LGBT individuals, and anyone else who acts or identifies beyond the binary for far too long. And we believe the pursuit of genuine equality begins with challenging, deconstructing, and revising our perception of the world.

Thinking Gender is a digital publication with the mission to empower. This space is meant to challenge all of us to think more inclusively, so everyone can feel more empowered to authentically and boldly move through the world, as whoever they are. 

Our voice, as one of our readers has put it, is “thoughtful, fiery and curious.” Because we want society to be more thoughtful, fiery and curious.